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We know it can be tedious to search the web for the right tour or activity. For instance, if you search for Tours in Iceland on Google you will get more than five hundred million results and some advertisings as well. Now, that is a lot of tours to chose from. The same applies to hotels and accommodation. We both know that search results on google are only a fraction of these results actually offering valid tours in Iceland. We make it easier for you to choose from. In advance, we have scanned the market and select some of the most exciting tours available from only trusted companies. In addition, we partner with many of the most trusted travel companies on the web. Those tours are all on our website. Is it vise to book Iceland tours in advance? Yes, we think so and therefore we provide you with some first-hand information and a chance to book your tour now. So, go ahead and browse Iceland Travel Center and chose from the best.

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Where do you want to go? We have been there, honestly.

Let’s face it, it is not right to offer something you haven’t tried. Well, we are locals and we have been all over the country, either by ourselves or we have joined some tours in Iceland we are offering. Every corner of the country has its own character, so to speak. Let’s look at some of the “corners”.

South West area

This is where the capital Reykjavik is. This is also where the Keflavik International Airport is and most likely you will be landing at. There is an abundance of tours available in this area. More than half of the population lives here, anyway. This is the home of the Blue Lagoon, the geothermal magical spa everyone is talking about. You can join the many scheduled tours to the Blue lagoon, or any tour in Iceæand for that matter. If you prefer you can always get yourself a private tour from Reykjavik to the Blue lagoon.

West Iceland

What we call West Iceland consists of Borgarfjörður, Dalir, and the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. In fact, The Snæfellsnes Peninsula National Park is a treasure by itself. We recommend joining a tour called The magnificent Snæfellsnes Peninsula. It is a 12-hour tour around Snæfellsnes where you will visit the most magnificent places.

The Westfjords and Strandir

This is, in geological terms, the oldest part of Iceland and probably the most remote from the main road. However, it is not the least place to visit. Nature is beautiful and the many small fisherman’s villages are fun to visit. On the North-East part of the Westfjords lies Strandir. Most of this area is deserted, in fact, there are no roads to the northernmost part of Strandir. You can however drive to Hólmavik, the largest village in this part of the country. If you go to Hólmavík, make sure to join the tour of Strandir Adventure by Minibus. The tour is magical, literally. We suggest that you should book this and other Iceland tours in advance.

North Iceland. Great 4×4 tours.

The northernmost part of the country is generally speaking split into two parts; North West and North East. The north has a lot of natural and cultural gems to visit. The largest town is Akureyri in Eyjafjörður bay. However, there are many other towns worth visiting. To mention few there is Dalvik and Siglufjörður but if you like Puffins and Whales you definitely want to go to Húsavík. The locals claim Húsavík to be the capital of whale watching. If this is your preference, make sure to check out the five-star tour called Big Whales and Puffins.

This part of the country is the home of Mývatnssveit and Lake Mývatn. If you are located in Akureyri and you want to spend a day in Mývatn you can join a tour called Lake Mývatn Tour.

East Iceland and the East-fjords

The characteristic of the East-fjords is; large mountains and deep fjords. Driving along the coast you come across many fishing villages. Brimming with life, these villages are fun to visit. But the East is not just a coastline. The East is also the home of the Jökuldalur Glacier Valley, a remote inland valley where the glacier river has carved it sway through the soil for a millennium.

South-East and South Iceland

The southeast part and the South Coast are where the most visited places in Iceland are. From Höfn í Hornafirði you can choose from various glacier tours but the Crystal Ice cave Tour comes highly recommended.

From Höfn to Reykjavik you get to see places like Jökulsárlón, Skógarfoss, Seljalandsfoss, Landmannalaugar and so much much more. You also have, just by the South Coast, the Westman Island or Vestmannaeyjar