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We bring you the option to search with our partner Expedia for the best possible flight route to Iceland from your destination. When you enter your location in the Search box it will bring you to a new window where all the possibilities are listed. From there you can chose to narrow the search for non-stop flights or flights with several layover stops on the way.

A Volcanic Eruption has started on Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland

For information related to the eruption and it’s effect on air transport and the area around Keflavik Airport, click on the Read More button.

Direct Flight or Layover flights to Iceland

If you are located in the United States you will have several options to get to Iceland by air. There will be direct flights from many of the major cities in the US, they are all listed here below. Find here the best possible flight route to Iceland. But keep in mind that there is also the option of layover flights, which is in many cases less expensive. Just pick any airport to travel from, which will take you to a new tab where you can enter your own criteria.  You will be landing at Keflavik International Airport which is only around 30 miles (50 km) away from Reykjavik the Capital of Iceland. The search tool will then bring you the best deals from your location to Iceland.

If you need a rental car waiting for you at the airport you can search for a and book with our partners here

Search for hotels or guesthouses all over Iceland

This search tool also gives an option to find hotels or guesthouses in Iceland. Whether you want to stay in Reykjavik and enjoy the many available tours operating from the city or you want to stay in a cozy remote guesthouse or a traditional farmhouse B&B you can find it here. Look for some wonderful tours and experiences in the quiet countryside.

Direct Non-Stop flights from Cities in the USA

These are the cities in the USA from which you can fly directly to Iceland.

Just scroll down and find your airport to fly from.

Direct non-stop flight from Boston, MA to Iceland

Direct non-stop flight from New York, NY to Iceland

Direct non-stop flight from Washington, DC to Iceland

Direct non-stop flight from Chicago, IL to Iceland

Direct non-stop flight from Denver, CO to Iceland

Direct non-stop flight from Minneapolis, MI to Iceland

Direct non-stop flight from Seattle, WA to Iceland

1-stop flight from Orlando, FL to Iceland