Creation of Beautiful Memories

Traveling is essential in a modern way of living. It is how beautiful memories are created. When we visit other countries we strengthen our knowledge of other cultures. We open our minds to traditions, experiences, and sometimes exotic ways of living. All this makes us more tolerant and acceptable to the diversity of the world. This is our contribution to tolerance and knowledge in the world.

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You also get to see animals, plants, and wildlife unfamiliar to your home. You learn to appreciate the diversity of our planet and at the same time, you expand your knowledge of our beautiful fragile planet. Who doesn’t want to get to know the famous Puffins, which reside in Iceland in the Summer months but travel a long way south during the wintertime.

Puffin in Iceland

Traveling is a wonderful thing. From the beginning, people have been traveling from one place to another. Either because of duress or pleasure. The old Vikings were no exception to this. Traveling miles and miles for a better life, to visit relatives, sell their products, or to learn skills or a new trade from others.

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This is our goal

Our main goal at Iceland Travel Center is to some Create Beautiful Memories while you visit our country. We do this by offering, through our partners, all kinds of experiences and various things to do during your stay. We also want you to sleep well in a nice hotel or a guesthouse all around the country.

Planning a trip to Iceland?

When you decide to go ahead and plan your trip to Iceland we will guide you to the most convenient and economic way to get here. Flying over the Atlantic Ocean is the fastest way to get here and there are several options of direct flight to Iceland from major cities in the United States.

We hope you enjoy our website and appreciate our effort in creating some beautiful memories while you stay in our country.

Welcome to Iceland.

The Iceland Travel Team